1st impressions at Conduit

Gavriel Fleischer Software EngineerI started working yesterday. It’s nice, but there are some things and people that I miss. For example I got a very nice welcome pack, with explanations, a huge can of chocolates (the others in the room like it too, and today I understood why they employ new people every week Smile and a pack of business cards with my name.

We eat together 4 days (everyone orders through 10bis.co.il) and we eat together in a huge restaurant-room on the 4th floor. But because there are so many people (250) most people seem not to know each other, so they mostly sit with those they already know Frown I hope they’ll have some “gibush” soon! And we also have some breakfast candies, cakes, bread, etc every morning at 9:00 in every floor’s small kitchen.

In my room (currently 6 people, because this is a new team, and we’re waiting for September, when we’ll all move to a new floor with more space) there are relatively “geeky” people: they told me they have a tradition that every new member has to bring a bottle of whiskey (and then the other guy added: and on birthdays too Smile They gave me 1 month, so I can get something cool from the duty free at the end of August… So I guess the emails will go like “whiskey in the jar” (this reminds me the maple syrup we got for our room last year Smile Ah, and they listen to good songs Smile

Ah and BTW I was supposed to start to work on Sunday, but I delayed it because of a wedding (and later also the Answers party). I heard that people were in the party until 1am. Well it turned out that my new team was working ’till 12:30 am on that day night… But they say it’s not usual Smile

On the 1st day they gave me some task to do. It sounded like something to learn some API-s. When I finished they called the others, and looked at it: he did it! It turned out that it was a proof of concept that they’ll show to the CEO Smile

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  1. Sounds fantastic except for the 12:30 part. But then again, I’d rather a 12:30 once in a blue moon to leaving work everyday after 8!

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