London – King’s Cross

Szerda van, itt kilenc ora. Csak kiprobalom ezt a bedobos keszuleket, mar
bedobtam 20 pennyt es nem fogy. lehet, hogy az uzenet sem megy el.

Mindenkit udvozlok


It’s wednesday 9am. I just try out this public internet-phone. Maybe this message won’t even reach you.

Regards to everyone


מחר פורים, משתדלים לשמוח למרות המצב.
נחשוב עליך מחר כשנאכל את ה”טלטט קפוסטה” שסבתא מכינה
פורים שמח

Before Purim

Just wanted to say shavua tov and chag sameach for purim.

I don’t think I have to translate “Kol Hacavod”, because Juti practiced more hebrew during the past 2 months than I did :) But this will change in 8 days…


I apologize on behalf of my lazy dughter for not shareing with us her experiences and sights from Brazil especialy from the Carnaval.
But you Juti must continue doing your job, you are doing it perfectly. as we say in Hebrew Kol Hacavod – Gabor translate it to Hungerian please. thank you.
But here in Israel we are still doing trips
this is a very nice “river” next to the Gilboa mountain

Now I’ve made a move to Dharamsala,

or exatly Mcleod Ganj, and it is justas lovely here than over around Manali. It is very peaceful here with many Tibetan Monks, although there are much more turists here. And even this place seems to be overruled by Izraelis!Sometimes in a good way, sometimes ina bad way! My Hebrew is improving:-)…

What’s up with the rest of the family all around the world??? It seems like it’s only me writing letters to myself…:-(

Translation – corrected by Juti:-)

OK, I have to admit, it wasn’t Juti, but me :) She sent an email and I put it here in her name. So here’s the translation:

I’ve said goodbye to Gabor (a friend from Hungary) in Delhi and travelled up to the Himalayas :-) I’m not far from Dharamsala (where the Dalai Lama lives), higher up in a village near the “town” called Manali where the only white people are an English boy and me! There’s big snow and freezing cold, in the night we heated the room with wood! The women are weaving on their looms sitting on the terrace and the men are smoking (cigarettes and opium – NOT opium!!!! they smoke hashish), drinking tea, playing cards and cleaning the snow from the streets.