Itt nem túl jó a helyzet… D-26

Inkább továbbra sem fogom kommentálni az itteni helyzetet, gondolom elég nektek amit az ottani média közöl. Mindenesetre majdnem hogy órárol órára érkeznek a rossz hírek különböző helyekről. Még vacilálok, hogy eleget tegyek-e Ayala és Jichak meghívásának most szerdára Jeruzsalembe…

Ami az időjárast illeti, úgy hallom kb hasonló ott is, mert itt napok óta esik az eső, és elég hűvös, téli idő (10 C) van néha. Volt jégeső is helyenként.

Békés szombatot mindenkinek!

Pesach D-23

Chag kosher ve’sameach! חג כשר ושמח!

I wish to everyone who reads this site a happy pesach!

Tomorrow I’m working ’till 11, then I go to Kirytat Ata and I’ll be there for Seder. For shabat we’re visiting Shlomit’s parents in kibutz Shluchot, then I come back to Yavne on Saturday night.

Koshering for pesach D-21

Ok, so NOW I know, that what we did for the last two weeks was not yet the koshering for pesach, but the general yearly cleaning that is usually made before pesach. The koshering itself just started today: We had to put every pot into boiling (min. 96 C) water. Imagine me in gloves up to my shoulders :)

It seems, that whatever job I get here all my clothes will be full of water, most of the time hot water, but if not, then very cold, and on that day the weather is also cold :)

Now I go to eat dinner. During the next few days we have to eat all the chametz (elesztos, ecetes, stb) that is still left, and because we already started to kosher the dishes there’s gonna be less and less types of food…

Brit mila (D-19)

He’s Israel Dov ben Asher a few minutes after his brit mila. Mazel tov!

The place, and half of the people who were there were Yemenites (Teimanis) so it was a very interesting ceremony. The other half wer hungarians of course, with lot of friends.


I arrived to Kiryat Ata. Today after work we had to clean the whole ulpan biulding for pesach. I was lucky to finish the work quiet early so I had time to do the cleaning and afterwards go to Herzelia to meet Moti.

Tomorrow I’m going to Binyamina in the morning to see the brit mila of Aser’s second son. I’ll spend the shabat here with the Werner family as usually.

Shabat shalom!שבת שלום