Brit mila

No, no, it’s not mine :) My friend Aser had his second son born 5 minutes before shabbat, so he’ll have the brit mila (korulmeteles) on friday in Binyamina. It’s on the way to Kiryat Ata, so hopefully I can stop there, to visit them, and them continue to Haifa.

Shavua Tov (have a good week – D14)

I had my 1st shabbat in the kibutz. It was interesting. It was full of programs, so I didn’t have a minute to think about being bored :)

Today, four of us had the worst possible work in the kibutz: we were working in the canned-vegetable factory (konzervgyar). We had to stand next to the assembly line and take out the seeds of the tonnes of peppers… After a while you get used to the peppers running by you, the only problem was, when the line stopped, and we almost “falled” down of our chairs, becuse we felt, like when the bus stops :) I hope I won’t work there in the future.