Today we had the first real day, when we did what we’re going to do for the
five months according to our timetable. As I’m in kita bet, we were working
all the day from 6:30 to 15:30. Basically all the group is diung almost the
same ’till pesach: we clean the kitchen.

Tomorrow we’ll have the first lesson from 7:00. It will last until 12:00,
when I’ll run to Rechovot to catch the train to Tel Aviv where I’ll change
to another to Kiryat Hayim where I meet Moti. If I don’t catch the train in
Rechovot at 13:06, I’ll be very late, so I hope I’ll get there…

I’ll have the shabat in Kiryat Ata and right after we’ll try to get to a
bank to make an account and get a SIM-card to have an israeli phonenumber.
And then rush back to Tel Aviv and to the kibutz…

Day 3.

Today we had first a hebrew test, htan a HIV test. I passed the hebrew (I got to kita bet) I hope I’ll pass the other too :)

In the afternoon we had a trip in the neighbourhood, so that we now which towns are around, which buses come here, etc. On this picture you see the port of Ashdod, which is on the sea-shore where Yona (Jona) was put out by the wheel. The picture was taken from the hill that’s name is Givat Yona.

Tomorrow we (kita bet) will have a long-work day, it means that we’ll work from 6:30 to 15:00 and just a little hebrew lesson after. As you see they don’t let us sleep too long, so I have to go now…


Today we worked from 7 to 11. We were cleaning the pesach dishes. I had the “hottest” work: I had to use a strange machine that made high pressure vapor and clean the dirt that the others could not wash. After a few minutes I was totally wet (though I had a raincoat in the 30 Celsius :)

In the afternoon we had a walk around the kibutz, so now I know where are the parot (cows), where do the make the Adi© watches and where is the laundry. And last but not least I succeeded to log into the internet from the notebook!!!!

Arrived to Kvucat Yavne

Ok, better late than never :) I arrived to the kibuc. From the airport to the gate of the kibutz it took about an hour (Lod->T-A, T-A->kibuc) but from the gate I had to walk (and because I arrived 4 and a half hours late to Ben Gurion I didn’t go to Kiryat Ata, so I had all my bags with me :) so it took another 30 minutes to get to the building (about 500m)

Requisites from London

I brought to you a Routemaster double-decker (designed in 1956) and an original tube map from 1933 designed by Harry Beck that became the basis of the subway schemes all over the world. In the right corner you can see the “bull’s eye” the also protected symbol of the London Transport.

As you see I visited the London Transport Museum on Sunday to be better educated in its history. You can also go there (without paying 6pound) if you want, through http://www.ltmuseum.co.uk

Best wishes to all of you Tamas
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