General report – D58

Sorry, that I didn’t write for a while, but they keep us busy here…
Sunday I’ve been to Tel Aviv to meet some friends. I could pretty much use
my hebrew!

Yesterday night – as all Israel – we had a bone-fire for Lag baOmer. First
Meshulam, our rabbi made some BarBQ, then we had this big fire. I was the
DJ, we had all kinds of music, but mostly jewish. The best part was, when
we were dancing hora (israely folkdances). Last week we decided that we’re
gonna have one night for dances every week, so I tought a few easy dances to
the ulpanistim, and yesterday we could try them out “in real life”. It
seems, that I became the unofficial hora teacher of the ulpan (thank’s to Aser,
Ubul and the others, and of course to the camp in Szarvas).

On thursday we’re going to Jerusalem to see Yad vashem (the Holocaust
museum) and the neighbourhood of the Knesset. Afterwards we can come back
with our bus, or stay there and come back with the public bus.

more visuals…

This is Triund. The peak where I’ve spent a few days in march. It’s not the big snowy one, but the one in the front, but when I was up there it was also covered in snow. Hopefully at home I’ll have a picture of the same snowy mountain, taken from Triund.

Visual news…

I’m not sure if the pictures are really there, but if yes, then this one is just a tipical colourful scene from the streetlife of India, and this one:
is me on a tour around Mcleodganj, with a Canadian friend (in March) :-)
I have to see if it works, and then there are more pictures to come!
By the way I’m back to Mcleodganj:-)

Shabat shalom! D47

This shabat is closed, which means that all of us has to be here, we can’t
go to our relatives. But our madricha invited all the ulpan to her moshav,
to Hazorim, which is not far from Ein Dor by the way. So today at 14:15 we
all get to a bus (after we put our bag and matrasses on the bus) and start
to go up to north. If we arrive early, we’ll even have a look at the Kineret
(anya: Genezareti to :) before shabat.
We’ll come back on motze shabat. (szombat kimenetele utan)

On Sunday we’ll go to Tel Aviv together with Kibutz Naan’s ulpan.


Wow! I’m at the Khajuraho now! Such an amasing place. This is also magical India. It’s a little village, and not far from the village there are plenty enormous temples built for all the different gods, and godesses. There are beautiful delicately carved statues all over them inside, and outside, and there are a few sculptures of different positions of the Kama sutra. I think I’m gonna have to make a website of my pictures when I go home:-). If somebody also wants to know how I am…, well I was ill for three days, I hadn’t eaten anything, but don’t worry, i’m recovering and drinking a lot of water:-) And I have some very nice people from London, and Israel to look after me! So I’m very well:-)))

Yom HaAtzmaut Sameach!

Tonight begins the Independence Day. Israel was established 54 years ago,
and we still fight to stay on this small land.

Tomorrow everybody from the kibutz will go on a trip. Some by foot, and
hopefully I can join those who go by bike. We’ll visit Bet Shemesh, which is
half way between Ashdod and Jerusalem.

Chag Sameach!

D 120

Just about in the last week of my travels I got to know the real India (i think) ! Tomorrow I’m leaving this magical place, Varanasi, and I’m going to see the Khajuraho – which is supposed to be one of the main attractions, and the symbol of India besides the Taj Mahal…
Now it seems like I’ve been in india, for so long, that whichever city I go to I keep on meeting people, that I’ve travelled with before, for sometime:-) It’s lovely…like being at home!