Pesach in Daramkot (next to Mcleodganj)

This is where we had pesach dinner, in the garden of Beit Chabad. Check out the background:-) The snowy mountains, and the moon,… and the 200 israelis, that you can’t see in the background:-)) This is Aviv, from Israel, and two swedish boys.
Yesterday i went to Beit Chabad, for the friday service…i was surprised even yesterday there were more than 50 people there!
So now I try to send it quickly…

PS: What ‘s up with all of you? am i just sending pictures, and writing letters to myself???????

Here I send some more pictures!

This one is a picture that I’ve taken in Bodhgaya. It’s some indian students in front of their school. it must have been a break, because they were only outside for a few minutes… I thought you might like to see them:-)
And now I’ll try to send another picture…I hope it won’t take more than 50 minutes this time! Internet in India…