Shavuot is comming – D70

We just finnished our night lesson about “praying in public”. A few
Apa, it seems, that only the israely IE-s are not able to log in to this
site :(
Eszter, welcome to the FNS!
Juti, I sent you comments in email. We all are (including the boys from
India in the ulpan :) amazed by the pictures. I hope to see all of them
soon! Don’t forget, that this is a news site, not a guest book or a forum,
so don’t except reactions after every picture.

Otherwise I’m fine. This shabat was the second I spent in the kibutz (the
1st was a closed shabat, when everybody had to stay here). I was bored, and
I don’t know why, but in the kibutz the food on shabat is less, and worse
than during the week. The only tasty I ate was the breakfast by my kibutz
Last week we got two, today the third transit of small chickens (each
transit is almost 10.000!!!) They are sweet, the only fact that makes me
worry a little bit is, that the first ones are already growing, they have
bigger and bigger nails day by day… In a few weeks the whole place will be
like a battlefield :(

This friday is Shavuot. For those who heared less about it, this is the
holyday for the giving of Tora. It’s a custom, that jews study together all
night long, which I’m sure will be very interesting here in Yavne.
The shabat right after shavuot is closed, so I’ll have to be here again. I
tried to fix a little toranut (Moti, help me to explain and translate this
to english!) [it’s a free “work” on holyday. Usually people serve food to
the others in the dining hall, or feed the animals. There are “certain”
places where it includes dish-washing :) ] for next shabat, so I’ll have
more things to do (and that I won’t have to do it never again later
hopefully :)

Chag sameach!