Shavua tov! D-76

This long weekend passed by. During shavuot night I was learning all night,
’till 5am, then we went to the morning prayer, which took about 2 hours.
Then I slept for all day, except for lunch :)

Right after shavuot everybody had to stay in the kibutz for the closed
shabat. We had some peulot, so it was not so boring as last weekend :)
We also played some games (it’s better if not just about 5 people stay for
shabat…) At the end of the day (on seuda shlishit) everyone had to talk
about something that is very important to himself. Because (or not just
because) Mitch, the rabbi talked about his mother, when he introduced this
program 2 months before, almost everyone took pictures from family. I “also”
was speaking about the family tree, and why is it important.

Tomorrow a regular week starts, with no trip, no holiday, just work and
ulpan. I start at 6:30 in the lul (chicken farm) as usually…
Layla tov!