Tiyul “hashichrur” D81

Yesterday afternoon we went to a small trip to the south. It got it’s name
after “milchemet hashichrur” – the independence war – because we visited a
few places that played important roles in 1948 to stop the Egyptian army to
get to Tel Aviv.

First we went to Yad Mordechai. For those who are looking at a map now:
Start from Gaza, and go a littlebit north. We saw a battlefield and a shoa
(holocaust) museum there. Then we went norther, following the events of the
war. We saw Giva 69 (you won’t find it on the map, but it’s next to Kibutz
Nitzanim), then went a littlebit more north to see the old Nitzanim (they
moved to another place after the 1948 war) and we finnished our trip – just
as the Egyptians – at Gesher ad halom.

For this weekend I think I go home – to Kiryat Ata.
Shabat shalom!