General news for this week D-92

First of all a few sentences about the past shabat:
3 of us from the ulpan have been to Kiryat Yam (wich is about 15 minutes
from Kiryat Ata) together with some students from Bar Ilan University, and
some girls who make their national service in K. Yam. We made a shabat meal
on friday night for the teenagers, and played and made some peula about the
parashat hashavua (weekly tora portion) for the small children on saturday.
Except for the meal all activities were on the streets. We went to a poor
neighbourhood, and the children (since this program is made every week, so
they know it) were already waiting for us on the playground.

Today i had to go to the “clinic” because my ear hurts. The nurse looked
into my ear, and the first question she asked was: “Where do you work?”. I
asked if she saw some chickens in my ear, but she said, that only feathers
and dust from the chicken farm… So now I have to put drops 4 times a day
into my ears :(

Next week we’re going to Sde Boker, to the “Gadna” base. This is an army
base, wehere (mostly highschool children) have a 5 days program. We’ll learn
about the army, the ranks, do some excercises, how to “survive” in the
night, and in the deserst, learn how to deal with the M-16, and at the end
we’ll shoot 10 bullets. Everyone is very excited about the next week. I cut
my hair today with machine “3”, so I look like a tiron (baka :o) Now is
there anyone dare to say I’m not fully prepared?

After the army it’s free weekend, so few of us will go to Eilat. This means
thet next week from Sunday to next Sunday I won’t have any access to

Shavua tov!