Back from Gadna – D106

So it’s been long ago since I last wrote here. I’ve been to Gadna which is
originally a program for the 16 years old schoolkids to see how it’s gonna
be in the army. For those who haven’t heared yet, last week was the hottest
week in the last 60 years in Israel! In Eilat it was 48 Celsius in shadow,
in Sde Boker it was only 43. But this was enough to reach the highest
heat-level, which didn’t allow the army to make us doing phisical
excersises. Never mind, after two days of lessons, and penalty (if we were
late) push-ups finally we got to go out to Sadaut (field whatever :) where
we did everithing that was possible in two hours. I’ll put here some
picture, but until that let it be enough, that we put mud on our face, hair,
hands, we were crawling, rolling, running, and I still have some scratches
on my albows and kneews.
Every day we had a ceremony to rise and set the flag. On the firstnight’s
“tekes” we got our tags, that showed which group we belong to, and also our
“rank”. Most people were “simple solidiers” but two from each group got
special tasks. I was the “chanich toran”, I had to help the commander (girl)
so that the group would be always on time, to translate from hebrew to
english and sometimes back, and whatever other things came.
Last day, after plenty of lessons how to use the M16 (and how to call each
part of it in hebrew) we went to shoot. Well at least I have all my bullets
(or somebody else was maybe shooting to my target :) on the paper I was
shooting at, although not in the middle.

After the Gadna we travelled with a friend to Kibutz Samar to visit Yair. We
planned to go to the beach in Eilat and to make an excursion in the desert,
but Alja stepped into an iron, she got tetanus and a bandage, so we had to
cancel most of the program, but we could enjoy the swimming pool in the

Today we’ve been to the museum called beit Hatfutzot in the Tel Aviv
University. I’ve already seen it with Juti, but now I chosed the hebrew
guide and it was interesting one more time.
Later i’ve finished my article to the weekly of the kibutz about the shabat
in Kiryat Yam. My teacher thaught it’s a good idea to organize another
shabat with more ulpanistim and maybe some youngs from the kibutz as well.