Sorry Gabor bet i must use the Netscape as usuak, you hove fixed nothing.
Hey friend where are the new pictures.
And you Juti write something about your comming back to the civilization.
no after “Tisha b’av I wish you all happy & safe summer.

Some pictures from Gadna

Unfortunatelly Odelia (our madricha) didn’t wear uniform :-(

After sadaut (field excersize [Juti, hogy irjak?])

Crowling (Juti: ech kotvim “kuszas” be’anglit?) on sadaut


And the group at the end without uniforms (Juti: leszereles?) + our commander “Mefakedet” Michal

Shavua Tov! D-133

Shavua Tov to everybody!

Good news: I could fix the IE problem of the site!!!! Moti, you can write again from home! (at least when I go home it’ll work :)

I’m now at Moti, and I will be here ’till Sunday noon. If anyone feels like ICQ-ing send me your ICQ UIN in SMS to my Israely number and I’ll try to come to the net!

Shavua tov – Plans to go home (D126)

This shabat I’ve stayed in the kibutz, because the Kiryat Yam program has been cancelled.

Last week I’ve been planning my summer. It’s not totally fixed yet, but it seems that I’m going to fly to Hungary in the 1st days of August. I already have 2 programs for the 1st week, then probably I’ll work a few weeks, and the end of August I’ll either go to Switzerland to EUJS SU or to Szarvas to the HUJS camp. Further details will be posted here, when I’ll know more.

Thursday I’m striking D-121

OK, today I’ve had enough! I was working in the lul (now in the eastern) It
was very hot, but it’s ok. At 12:30 the boss said, that now I don’t have to
work ’till 13:00. I said half an hour is not enough to go out (shower), ride
to the dinind hall, eat, ride back, shower again. He said I “can” eat with
them. I wasn’t happy ’cause there’s no such a good food usually in the lul.
But what could I do. 10 minutes later when we started to “eat” it turned out
that the boss doesn’t eat lunch, but if I want I can eat icecream. And that
was what I at. I told him, I’d rather work, and leave earlier, but he didn’t
let me go. So I couldn’t eat at the dining hall (because it closes 15
minutes earlier…)

So on thursday I will strike! Either I just will go out when I’m hungry, or
just leave half an hour earlier.