A true story about an ungrateful little cactus – with a moral

Once upon a time there was a little cactus, who lived on the back shelves of a flower shop, long forgotten, hoping for someone to come and take it home. But nobody came or notice it, neither did they pick it. Then, just when the little cactus lost all hope, I came by and spotted the sad little plant.

I bought it right away and took it home with me. From then on I looked after the little cactus for years and years with tender loving care by feeding and watering and looking after it, just as a little cactus deserves it. As a result, the little cactus grew over the years and became a huge, proud, fully grown cactus!

One day, then I went over to the cactus and wanted to reach a plant right next to it. I leaned over and …. The huge cactus grabbed me from behind and released its poisonous pricks into my thick jumper! No matter, I thought to myself, laughing, thank god, it’s winter time and I am wearing such a thick woolly jumper! Took it off and pulled out the three-four long pricks, sticking out of the back of my jumper sleeve! You see, its easy! Nothing can hurt me, I thought!

You guessed correctly, children. How wrong I was! About fifteen minutes later the itching started! The dear cactus released lots of tiny little pricks into my jumper and through that, right into my skin! I jumped off screaming and took my T-shirt and jumper off, desperately looking for the tiny little itchy pricks. But, when I was examining my jumper the tiny little pricks were quietly hiding and just laughing among themselves. When I put it back the pricking and itching started all over again! They were deeply down, bedded in my skin at parts I could hardly reach, like the back of my arm, my back, and such.

What is the moral of my story: Never trust your cactus! You can feed it, water it, care for it with all your love and it will prick the very hand, which fed it for all those years! What? That it reminds of something(one), whom you feed, look after, care for for years and years and in return you get nothing but rude words and disrespectful replies? No, no. Absolute rubbish! What a stupid, far fetching idea this is! Utter fabrication and nonsense! No resembles to the cactus, at all!