On Friday we went to a short trip to Caesaria. Caesaria was a roman town on the beach. Now it’s a museum, and next to it there’s Kibutz Sdot Yam, which is famous of Hanna Senesh (Szenes Anna) who was a Hungarian origin young poet (she wrote “Eli Eli”) and a patatrooper, who sacrefised her life to save the jewery of Budapest in the WWII.

Mail address

Some people asked what is my address for snail-mail. So here it is:

גברי פליישר (אולפן)
קבוצת יבנה
ד.נ. אבטח

Gavriel Fleischer (ulpan)
Kvutzat Yavne
D.N. Evtach


Today’s story begins still in Hungary. I had 4 big and 2 small begs. I wanted to take the smallest with me onboard, because I packed all the expensive, brokeable things in it. The didn’t let it, so I had to send it. 10 minutes later the were looking for me. I had to go “backstage”, next to the X-ra, and show tem what’s inside. They were interested in my cables

Here in Israel everyting went OK, with the aliya. We didn’t had to wait, everythig was ok, though different from what it “should’ve” been. Someone probably should inform the Sochnut in Budapest, that the olim have to go upstairs in a different place, then what they told us. Why did we go by this flight? Because this is the only one during the whole week that’s not at 11PM… And the only one where Tamara is coming to help the olim. Well she wasn’t there…. Luckily enough I could translate to the other girl, because she doesn’t speak hebrew, and in the office they only speak russian… But at the end we also got a free taxi to take us to the place we want. Well, good that I didn’t have to travell by bus with 85kg bag :)

Now I’m very tired, because I didn’t sleep in the last Idontevenknow days…

Washing machine – Mosógép

Ma kaptam egy mosógépet! Nem, nem Magyarországon, hanem Izraelben! Két barátom visszajön onnan, és már nincs szükségük rá. Mindössze az volt kérdéses, hogy hova teszem amíg nincs rá szükségem fél évig a kibucban. Megkérdeztem a nagybátyám, és kiderült, hogy az unokatesóm, Jázmin, két barátjának pont jól jönne, így ők el tudják vinni, és ők is jól járnak, meg én is. Ja és kaptam még számítógép asztalt, meg monitort is. Gyakorlatilag egy fél lakást. Mondom felet! Mondom lakást! Jó, mindegy hagyjuk a képeket…

Today I got a washing machine. No, not in Hungary, in Israel! Two friends of mine are coming back from there, and they don’t need it any more. The only question was where to put it untill I will need it, because in the kibutz I don’t need it for half a year. I asked my uncle, and it turned out that my cousin, Jasmin, has two friends that need it, so it’s good for them, and good for me too.