:clock:10 years in the promised land

Today it’s been 10 years I made aliya. It started just like any other day, although Hila and Alma whished me mazal tov in the morning to remind me. Late afternoon Hila called me to ask me if there’s a chance I can come home “early” because it’s been a hard day for her (Nadav has flu with fever for a couple of days) So after helping to find a bug, left the office, ran to catch the train. Only when I got off the train I thought for myself: I should write something to the blog after the children go to bed.

When I got home I saw that the lights of the garden were on. I thought that the cleaning lady or Nadav turned it on accidentally (happens sometimes, and we only discover it after sunset). But when I entered….. it was a surprise party! Then I also understood why all the parking lots in the street were occupied. My friends from the office, my previous work, some even from Hungary were waiting there. I was really surprised, had no idea about it. Thanks for all the friends and of course Hila, Sivan, Hen, Alma, Nadav for the organization!Blue - White

So what happened in these 10 years? Not easy to look back, remember, prioritize… I was too lazy to update the blog recently so I’ll have to remember by heart.

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