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Comment authorization

Well, a small new feature: since many people didn’t know how to authorize their comments with the link / code sent in the email I’ve added a possibility for the blog authors to authorize the comments they’ve got.

From now on whenever someone writes a comment to your article, you’ll get an email notice about it. The comment writer can still authorize the comment through the email, but in case he/she doesn’t know how to do it you’ll be able to do it by logging in, going to Edit News, clicking to the pending comment, and then to Authorize or Delete (be careful, once you delete, it’s deleted and there’s no way to undo it)

FNS v0.85

    New and old features:

  • – Shortened email notices. From now on only the beginning of the blogs will be sent in email. Anyway this is a website, not an email list. Please get back to your browsers ang go surfing. There are many features (pictures, icons, blogger’s profiles, etc) that you can’t use in email.
  • – Forgot your password? No problem. Now we can send it to your email. Just type in your login name and click to send password!
  • – After logging in, don’t hesitate to update your preferences! There are some new features. Please type in all your data.
  • – Icon: this is a small picture , that will be shown in every place next to your nickname. It’s like a signiture. Try to be creative, express yourself. It’s only a click in the preferences menu, and you can choose from plenty of icons.
  • – Viewable Profile: whenever your nickname appears (blog or comment), readers can see some basic details of you by clicking on your icon. This will open a small window with some your details.
  • – Horoscope. If you tell us your birthday, the picture of your sign will appear in your profile.
  • – If you choose your e-mail address to be shown, they can even click on your nickname and send you a message. Don’t worry about the spams, your email address is printed in a way that robots won’t find it!
  • ICQ: If you use ICQ you can set your UIN, so readers will see your status .
  • MSN: If you use MSN Messenger, set your address, so others can find you.
  • Yahoo!: If you use Yahoo! Messenger, set your address.
  • SMS: You can send blogs from your mobile phone while you’re away from the internet. For this function to work your phone number is needed to be set in order to identify you. Further details how to send bolgs are in the preferences.
  • – Face: This is a picture (150×200) of you that will be shown in your profile.
  • – Timezone: All dates and times are now printed in the local time of the country you live in. Please choose your timezone.
  • – Comments are viewed now within the articles.

FNS v0.84

New features:
– Comments. Any reader can attach comments to the blog atricles. You can see an example comment attached to this article.
– Radio pops up and doesn’t start another instance in every page. In case it doesn’t start automatically, you can still turn it on by clicking on the “ON” link in the right side of the blog (where the radio was until now).

Új szolgáltatások:
– Hozzászólások. Bármely olvasó megjegyzéseket fűzhet a blog cikkekhez. Itt láthatsz is egy példa hozzászólást.
– Rádio felugrik kis ablakba és nem indít új példányt minden lapon. Ha mégsem indulna el magától, elidíthatod az “ON” linkre klikkelve a blog ablak jobb oldalán, ahol eddig volt a rádió.

חדש באתר:
– כל קורא יכול להאוסיף כמה מילים למאמרים. יש פה גם דוגמה.
– רדיו פותח חלון לעצמו ולא מתחיל לנגן בכל דף.

New smileys and icons

New feature:
– By clicking on the icon in the Title row when you edit an article, you can easily add a smiley to the beginning of the title.

– Szerkesztéskor a Cím sor elején a ikonra kattintva könnyedén hozzáadhatsz egy mosolyt a cím elejéhez.

FNS is 2 years old

Today is the Fleischer News System’s 2nd birthday! Let’s see some statistics:
– 11588 page downloads
– 2780 visitors visited the homepage
– 330 emails sent out
– 321 news articles published
– 135 images uploaded
– 32 users registered
– 24 votes were sent
– 12 users wrote
Ma két éves a Fleischer News System! Íme egy kis statisztika:
– 11588 oldalletöltés
– 2780 látogató
– 330 emailt küldtünk ki
– 321 cikket közöltek
– 135 képet töltöttek fel
– 32 felhasználó regisztrált
– 24 szavazatot adtak le
– 12 ember írt cikket