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FNS v0.67

New feature:
You can now enable the “show email” in your preferences, without being afraid that robots will collect your email address from the site, because a new javasript trick is protecting you. If you enable show email, the other members of the family will be able to send you email by clicking on your nickname in the right-bottom corner of any article that you wrote.

FNS v0.66

New features:
– Poll. I’ll ask you some easy questions, and we’ll see the percentage of the answers. Can be interesting when more people will read the site.
– New buttons are images. Later can be harmonized with the theme.

FNS v0.61

New features:
– FNS sends e-mail notice (digest) about the new news articles to users who set it in Preferences. (You need to specify your e-mail address and check in the digest option)
– Translation (This is to help me keep the languages updated. Moti, you can find the translation menu in the Preferences. When you have free time, you can help me to translate the menus to hebrew!)

FNS v0.60

FNS v0.60 follows v0.51, because this is a big step. These are the new features:
– preferences (language, theme, password change, other options)
– sessions
Next coming feature (in v0.61) is e-mail notice about new news articles (digest).

I hope there are no bugs, but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me on

FNS v0.50

This version is basically a new theme.

Sara mentioned that the green theme was boring, so here’s the new blue.
There’s also a small new box on the top to easier navigate through the other pages.
Tamas: try the “News” link instead of using “back” button :)

Hebrew letters

Yes, Moti, you can write in hebrew, and I’ll be able to read it, but I’m not quite sure whether Jasmin will have hebrew fonts in the internet cafe…
(Juti, the same for you, in case if you want to write in sanscrit :)
Ah, and Motika, I think you reloaded the page 2 times after you sent it, because the same sentence repeted 3 times. You have a “delete” button too :)