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Short Summary

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote… so to make it short:
A great visit- Hungary,meet the wonderful family!

Got a ring, said “of course!”

Finally- unemployed.
First interview (not so good…)
Passed the Complexity course!

hope to pass the “Communication Networks” course…

Finished the first phase of the final project (2 more to go)
And… well… you know- organization stuff for the BIG day…

Welcome to the second grade!

I’m very excited! I never took a class before when I could say- “the beginners group? not for me!done that!”
So what if they had no choice? So we had seen all classes… so what? we still deserve it…right?..right??
And tanks to Gavriel for bringing me all the way to second grade


My first message.
actually- first blog..
My blog? what should I write? ammm… O.K. I think I will take the
“diary style” :-)

dear Blog-
1 month,
1 week,
3 days,
1.5 hours,
6 exercises,
2 projects,
and 3 exams
but who counts? right?