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Pesach in Daramkot (next to Mcleodganj)

This is where we had pesach dinner, in the garden of Beit Chabad. Check out the background:-) The snowy mountains, and the moon,… and the 200 israelis, that you can’t see in the background:-)) This is Aviv, from Israel, and two swedish boys.
Yesterday i went to Beit Chabad, for the friday service…i was surprised even yesterday there were more than 50 people there!
So now I try to send it quickly…

PS: What ‘s up with all of you? am i just sending pictures, and writing letters to myself???????

Here I send some more pictures!

This one is a picture that I’ve taken in Bodhgaya. It’s some indian students in front of their school. it must have been a break, because they were only outside for a few minutes… I thought you might like to see them:-)
And now I’ll try to send another picture…I hope it won’t take more than 50 minutes this time! Internet in India…

more visuals…

This is Triund. The peak where I’ve spent a few days in march. It’s not the big snowy one, but the one in the front, but when I was up there it was also covered in snow. Hopefully at home I’ll have a picture of the same snowy mountain, taken from Triund.

Visual news…

I’m not sure if the pictures are really there, but if yes, then this one is just a tipical colourful scene from the streetlife of India, and this one:
is me on a tour around Mcleodganj, with a Canadian friend (in March) :-)
I have to see if it works, and then there are more pictures to come!
By the way I’m back to Mcleodganj:-)


Wow! I’m at the Khajuraho now! Such an amasing place. This is also magical India. It’s a little village, and not far from the village there are plenty enormous temples built for all the different gods, and godesses. There are beautiful delicately carved statues all over them inside, and outside, and there are a few sculptures of different positions of the Kama sutra. I think I’m gonna have to make a website of my pictures when I go home:-). If somebody also wants to know how I am…, well I was ill for three days, I hadn’t eaten anything, but don’t worry, i’m recovering and drinking a lot of water:-) And I have some very nice people from London, and Israel to look after me! So I’m very well:-)))

D 120

Just about in the last week of my travels I got to know the real India (i think) ! Tomorrow I’m leaving this magical place, Varanasi, and I’m going to see the Khajuraho – which is supposed to be one of the main attractions, and the symbol of India besides the Taj Mahal…
Now it seems like I’ve been in india, for so long, that whichever city I go to I keep on meeting people, that I’ve travelled with before, for sometime:-) It’s lovely…like being at home!

Am I in Jerusalem?

This is amasing! Varanasi is so much like Jerusalem, it is unbelievable. The old city here is just like the old city in Jerusalem. Tiny-little paths and market-like shops on each side. Except here it’s indians who try to sell you everything…, even on the streeets there are Hebrew signs besides the Hindi signs. Yesterday at ten in the evening we found a big crowd on the Ganga shore, and it turned out that there is another big Hindi festival coming up, so there was an all night long concert of classical indian music, and singing, and also there was one dancer…it was an amasing feeeling. This concert and the medieval atmosphere of Varanasi made us feeel like we are in the Story of the 1001 Nights (if this is what it’s called in English) !

I’m on the move again…

this time only for three weeks. I’m in Bodhgaya now, and tomorrow I’ll go to Varanasi. Bodhgaya is where Buddha gained enlightenment under the Boddhi tree, but the most interesting is that there are all kinds of Buddhist temples here: Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Buthanese, Tibetan, Sri Lankan. It is an interesting place, and quite peaceful compared to other Hindi towns!
after three weeks I’ll go back to Mcleodganj…

I’ve spent seder evening with a group of 200-300 Izraelis, and a British girl, and a Swedish boy, who are also jewish. It was funny how all the vegetables (bitter root etc.) had to be replaced with what’s available here in India! The rabbi was lovely and trying hard to regulate all the Izraelis, but they couldn’t be regulated. :-( But our table (the foreigners, and some nice Izraelis) behaved well!;-) Anyway it was an amazing feeling to be with all these people for passover!:-))

still in McLeodGanj…

I’ve just finished a 10 day silent meditation course. It was great:-) We’ve learnt about Buddhist philosophy and meditation (also practiced -of course). I’ve enjoyed the course and the environment so much, that I’ve actually stayed up here in the forest at the center, few kilometres above McLeod Ganj. So now I/m still on a kind of retreat:-) I do big walks in the Himalayas everyday, and read and meditate a lot! I hope you are all doing just as well:-)

Now I’ve made a move to Dharamsala,

or exatly Mcleod Ganj, and it is justas lovely here than over around Manali. It is very peaceful here with many Tibetan Monks, although there are much more turists here. And even this place seems to be overruled by Izraelis!Sometimes in a good way, sometimes ina bad way! My Hebrew is improving:-)…

What’s up with the rest of the family all around the world??? It seems like it’s only me writing letters to myself…:-(