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nov 7

Ma lenne Jázmin dédnagypapája, vagyis a Ti nagypapátok, Fleischer Zoltán 100 éves.
Sírja Bécsben van, Gábor járt egyszer ott.

Még egy évforduló volt nemrégen, október 23-án volt száz éve annak, hogy az üknagymamám, Wilheim Ernesztin Adler Jónásné meghalt. Sírja Vágvecsén van, ott együtt jártunk 2000 05 05-én

Futher country controlled

Joining to the newer globe-trotter tradition of the smaller Fleischers, Sara today left Hungary for about two weeks. She visits Munich, in Bayern, Germany. For not breaking totally the ‘I’-letter habit, she lives there in Impler Strasse.

Why do you think?

Why do you think that all those do not write are not able to write?
As far as I see there is no problem with the server. A little bit troubling, that recently the rows are wider and it is more difficult to read the texts, but it isn’t a big problem.
I am here at home, there is nothing to make public here.
All the best for all globetrotters.

Journey to ‘I’

Just to be trendy in the Fleischer family, now I also leave Hungary. Not for India and not for Israel, but still to a place that’s name is starting with ‘I’; namely for Innsbruck, (Austria). I spend there but three days on a conference.

Best wishes (now yet from Budapest)

Requisites from London

I brought to you a Routemaster double-decker (designed in 1956) and an original tube map from 1933 designed by Harry Beck that became the basis of the subway schemes all over the world. In the right corner you can see the “bull’s eye” the also protected symbol of the London Transport.

As you see I visited the London Transport Museum on Sunday to be better educated in its history. You can also go there (without paying 6pound) if you want, through

Best wishes to all of you Tamas
$IMG#24 $IMG#25

London – King’s Cross

Szerda van, itt kilenc ora. Csak kiprobalom ezt a bedobos keszuleket, mar
bedobtam 20 pennyt es nem fogy. lehet, hogy az uzenet sem megy el.

Mindenkit udvozlok


It’s wednesday 9am. I just try out this public internet-phone. Maybe this message won’t even reach you.

Regards to everyone