Some details (D6)

I just arrived back to the kibutz. Shabat was nice in Kiryat Ata. Some people asked me about the ulpan group and other things. So here are some details:

The picture a few articles below shows my room when I just arrived and put my bags in. I have a roommate, Yosi from Brazil. He doesn’t speek English, so we practice hebrew quite a lot.

About the group. There almost 40 people from all over the world. There is “kita alef” for those who just start to learn hebrew, and kita bet for us, who already know something. About 2/3 of the people are in alef. There are people from India, Germany, USA, UK, Mauritius, Sweeden, Brazil, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Holland, and luckily I’m the only one from Hungary. (I hope I haven’t left out any country)

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