Two month… D63

Today is two months that the ulpan started!

It seems that I “got stock” in
the “lul” (the chicken farm). They like me so much, that they promised me I
don’t have to meet the chickens if I work there :) Buy the way this job in
the lul is a littlebit like being officer in the army: Sometimes there are
big battles with the chickens (they bite, scratch, etc), but on the other
hand this is the only work so far, that provides us (me and the other boy
who works there on the days when I study) a bicycle. The fuel is also
provided of course (though it’s not so tasty, ’cause we can’t usually go to
eay in the dining room, because we would have to take a shower before we can
continue the work…) Also we start to work early, and usually there’s much
work to do after the end of my official working hours, but usually I stay a
little more, so I can be late on Sunday morning, so I don’t have to come
back Saturday night. Ah and another similarity is that while I’m in work I
have to wear the “uniform” that they support :)

Juti, there’s some strange thing with the server, and because of that the
others, who use M$ IE x.y can’t log in to add news. It’s a pitty, but for
certain reasons I don’t have the time and opportunity to fix it (especially,
because I have no idea what causes it…) So let it be enough, that they
read it (DO YOU???? :) I’ll also send some new pictures this week.

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