1st day

Well, it seems, that the SMS that I sent to the blog in the morning, didn’t arrive, but don’t worry, we did.

Hehe, I found that the SMS I sent in the morning didn’t arrive, beacuse of an ‘ (apostrof). Now I’ve fixed it!

1st we had some problems with the tickets, ’cause MALEV forgot to send some stupid paper to the airport. But then it was solved. Of course, there was not even 2 places next to ach other, so 3 of us sat one behind the other. Then finally we even could exchange with other people, so we could sit together. On the air-plane everything was usual except that two girls next to us didn’t want to eat, so 3 of us ate 5 meals .

Then we found ourselves in the biggest line I’ve ever seen in Ben Gurion Airport, waiting for passport control. Even the israeli lines were long! But they were a bit faster, so as the one next to us finished, I told the others, that I’ll go “the israeli way” which in this situation means exactly what it sounds: I asked if I can go there with non israeli passport. And I could! The other hungarians not being enough israeli I guess, didn’t follow me. So I went in, and I also find my bag in one minute. The others were still waiting for passport control…

After everyone came out, a friend took me to Jerusalem, but we dropped out Tomi in Kiryat Ono. Well, that’s almost on the way, it should’ve take about 10-15 minutes. It took us 1 hour to find where to exit from the highway .

Then we also got to Jerusalem, and now I’m in the Hebrew University, waiting for Antsa to finish studies at 12 o’clock.

Later I plan to meet Ayala, hopefully light hanuka candels with her. Tonight we’re invited to a “party” which I gues will be rather some speeches, than dance, but we’ll see.

Tomorrow I still don’t know what will I do in the morning, then at noon, we’ll probably meet, and go to Neve Ilan where the congress will take place.

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