Today I got up early with Shimrit, went with her to Haifa, then to Tiveria, then to Bet Shean, and to Ein Hanatziv and Sde Eliyahu.

In En Hanatziv I spoke with Shimrit’s rabbi and his wife, who’s the boss of ulpan giyur. They are really nice people, the rooms where I would live if I choose to go there are much better then in Kvutzat Yavne and the whole kibutz is nice.

Then they took me to Sde Eliyahu, which is the next kibutz, and I had 2 hours ’till the meeting, so I went to look for a hungarian friend who’s there for ulpan. I found another 2 hungarians as well, that I knew . They told me all the stories, gossips, and what’s more important, Gabor could compare the kibutz to Yavne, ’cause he’s been there for a month too.

Then I took the bus to Jerusalem, through the Jordan valley, from there to Beer Sheva, and from there to Arad. I think I travelled about half of Israel from north to south. Now I’m in Arad, in WUJS-Arad. This is a program where students learn 25 hours hebrew and another 10-16 hours of jewish/biblical/historycal studies. Most of them are americans, crazy about rugby :( I’m staying here tonight, talking with some students, and tomorrow I’ll go to see the classes.

In the afternoon I’ll go back to Beer Sheva, where hopefully I can shortly meet the 2 friends I know from the WUJS Congress, and continue to Kvutzat Yavne, to stay there for tomorrow night (this is not fixed yet)

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