Home, sweet home

We got home today! It was a long-long way:

  1. Dad came from Ramat Gan to Netanya to meet us in the hospital at 11:00.
  2. Then mom went to have a shower before we left.
  3. Then we went to the place wehere they release us (babies). They changed my clothes to nice pink stuff I got from grandma. The nurse told I have to go tomorrow to the doctor to check my bilirubin.
  4. Then we almost left, but I got hungry, so I got breasfeeded.
  5. Then mom got hungry so she got some food.
  6. Finally we left at around 14:00.
  7. On the way home mom made some phone calls. She made an appoitment for breasfeeding advisor at 16:00. She also talked to Maccabi, the health insurance company to find out how can I make the blood test tomorrow. It’s a bit complicated. It’s so stupid, I don’t understand this! Am I the 1st new-born in Israel? Or noone else ever had to do a bilirubin test on the 3rd day? Nobody knows there what to do. But what can I do. Mom said that Maccabi is still better than dad’s Clalit.
  8. At 15:00 we got home. Dad showed me around. I got a Kockásfülü nyúl from nagyi, that was waiting for me in my bed. I didn’t see it ’cause I was sleeping, but I’m sure later dad will show me again. (you can see the picture above – the editor)
  9. At 15:20 we left to Tel HaShomer, another hospital. Nobody is sick, but this is the place where we met the breastfeeding advisor.
  10. At 15:30 mom called the office of Maccabi on the number they gave her, but only an answering machine answered. That’s what answering machines are for. So she called Shlomit, and she gave her another number.
  11. At 16:00 the advisor arrived with two other girls who learn how to be advisors. I just waked up, so it seemed that it was a perfect timing. But they also started filling out some questionare. I don’t understand them. Every time I have something important to do, they fill in forms. I think it’s some kind of a game. But I don’t know why they always play when I need mom.
  12. In the meantime dad changed me. He’s so funny. He dressed me up, and then he saw that all the trousers were kind of funny, so he started again.
  13. Finally he gave me to mom and they started the lesson. This is how they call food. Funny, ah? It was a good lesson. I like these kind of studies with lots of food. Maybe I’ll be a chef when I grow up! But it was a bit long. At the end I fall asleep. They thought I didn’t notice that they practiced on me something with a 8m long rag. Dad turned it around himself a couple of times. He looked like a soldier in a film, with all kinds of ammunition around in an X shape.
  14. Then we went home again. Mom and dad started to prepare food because they didn’t eat all the day, but then I woke up so mom gave me food. Then dad gave mom something to eat, then he went to eat.
  15. While we all were eating, aunt Sivan arrived from the university (I think she also learns something, but not with food, like me). Later dad through her out from our room so me and mom could have a nap.
  16. Later grandpa and grandma and aunt Hen arrived with all my clothes that dad and grandma bought me yesterday, and they washed them for me.
  17. Then I woke up, so everybody came in our room. Then grandpa went out and I got some food. After I finished one side, grandpa recorded on video how dad changes me. They started to laugh on him because he brought 2 diapers. He explained that it’s because sometimes I make something during they change me. So I showed them what he meant. Some of them understood the joke and laughed, some of them said: yichs!
  18. Now I get some more milk from the other side, them mome goes to have a shower and dad will….
  19. …15 minutes later: While dad was writing no. 18, I finished so mom called him. He took me, she went to the shower. Dad got some strange books. One was written by a guy called Weöres Sándor. Funny name, I don’t even know how to pronounce it. He read about Bóbita and others, but I fall asleep in the middle.
  20. Now it’s almost 24:00, so this was the story of my 1st half day (on the way) home. Csicsijja babujja….

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