Eight days a week

My first week is over. It was a long-long week!

  • I was born.
  • I was measured, I was washed, I was checked by the doctor. I got injections.
  • I was taken home.
  • I vomited once.
  • I was at the doctor.
  • I was at the hospital.
  • They took blood of my angle.
  • I was at grandma and grandpa’s house.
  • I was blessed by dad on shabat.

If I was a boy  :baby_cumizo_baby: I would’ve my brit mila today, and then you would already know my name. But we’re exploiting the advantages of being a girl :baby_cumizo_polyas_baby:, so mom and dad take another few days, as they say, for “beta testing” my new name until Saturday. You’ll get noticed at Saturday night. Countdown: 4 days…

Today in the morning dad brought a huge pot, full of warm water into our room. First I thought we’re going to cook, but then I was dressed down, and dad dropped me into the pot. Are my parents cannibals?

Hmmm… :bath_baby: it’s not that bad! Reminds me mom’s belly. Dad was very proud of me because I wasn’t crying at all. :tente_baby:

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