Alma Fleischer

Since my last post we’ve been at home, and on the weekend we went to Bat Yam to grandpa and grandma. All the family was there (uncles, cousines).

On Saturday morning dad wasn’t home when I woke up. Mom took me with the girls to the Synagouge. Dad was there on the other side of the fence. When he was called up to the tora everybody sang “Siman tov u’mazal tov” for us. After the reading he told everyone my name:


After the prayer we invited everyone to a kidush downstairs.

Dad explained what does my name mean:

  • עלמה is a young girl in Hebrew
  • עלמא is world in Aramic
  • Alma is apple :apple-32x32_alma: in Hungarian
  • Alma is soul in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Alma is nourishing in Latin (see: Alma Mater)

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