House in Gan Yavne

Today we signed a contract to buy a house in Gan Yavne.

We were looking for a house for a long time. Actually we already started to search after the wedding, but every time we started, we got sick after seeing the prices. So we looked for a month, then had a break for half a year, etc.

2 month ago we decided, that we need to find something, ’cause the prices don’t go down (as we expected) so everything just gets more and more expensive each and every year. Also we really would like Alma to grow up in a nice place with a garden where we all feel home.

So every Friday we say some houses in Gan Yavne. We saw all the houses that were below a certain price. It was a really hard process: every week we took Alma with our non air conditioned car in the hot Israeli summer and went from house to house. She really suffered. Finally last Friday we saw a place we both liked. We decided in the place, and we also started the process.

On Friday we couldn’t reach the lawyer of the couple who sells the house, but on Monday we spoke to him. It also turned out that he (the lawyer) actually sells his house the the family we buy from, and he offered them to be their lawyer when they sell their house. They thought it’s a nice gesture, and they also save some money. Well this layer made us, the sellers, and our layer crazy. It turned out, that they also bought a house somewhere, and he is already late with his payments, so he really needs the money. But the family he sells his house to doesn’t have money until they sell their house to us. So he acted like their lawyer, and tried to push us and our lawyer to sigh within one day, and have a schedual that is very hard to keep, ’cause we’re also dependent on the bank with the loan. Finally we managed to delay the signing with one day, so our lawyer had enough time to tell him what are our conditions, we had time to read what we’re signing, and the family we buy from had time to talk to their layer (who represents them in the contract where they buy the house of that lawyer)

Anyway, we signed the contract today, so we can go to Hungary without being afraid that they’ll find another couple to sell their house to. When we’ll get back, we’ll start all the burocratic processes in the bank and in the other places.

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  1. I am trying to trace my family’s relatives. My mother, deceased, Irene Fleischer was born in Budapest Hungry on July 8,1900 and emigrated to the U.S.A. in, I believe, 1920. She had relatives in Israel. One cousin Mordichi Fleischer, who was an architect, and who lived outside of Tel Aviv. Another cousin who lived on Kfar Mazarik. Another cousin who lived in Arad. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated

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