Alma’s 1st flight to Hungary

We had tickets to El-Al’s TLV-BUD flight on last Thursday at 20:50.We got an email from El-Al that suggested we could do check-in through the internet (as we did last time we flew). This way usually we can chose our seats, and we can just send our bags in a faster line in the airport. This time we also knew that they’ll give us seats because of Alma, but since we heared that this week was the beginning of the holiday season and on this Thursday there were the most passengers and they were expecting a big crowd, we wanted to do the internet check-in anyway. But it doesn’t work. So we called the support on phone, and they asked all our details, and after 10 minutes on the phone they said, that they were not able to make it either (in other words they thought we were stupid and they tried to fill in our details in the same stupid website we tried) Later they called us back and told us that they cheked it with the support department, and they’re sorry, but they didn’t know that we can’t do fast check-in with Alma.

About an hour before we left to the airport we got an SMS from El-Al that told us that our flight was delayed to 23:20. We cancelled our taxi and continued packing the last things.

When we got there we were lucky, ’cause we got into the line just before a group of children. The security check’s first part went fast, but we had to put our bags into the X-ray machine. Then they told us that there’s something in the 1st bag that they want to se so we had to wait in another line to open our bag. Hila had to go to the toilette, then she took Alma to change her diaper. It turned out that one of our gifts bothered them. It’s 4 ceramics to be put under cups, really dangerous… Whatever…

Then I started to queue in the check-in line. I saw next to me there was an empty line for the express check-in, so I went there and I told them that we did the express check in both through the internet and the phone, and because of their stupid system we couldn’t proceed. So she told me “grrrr, they’re not supposed to let me there”, but then I made a GRRRR face, so she did the check in. Our plane was delayed to 23:45.

Next line was for the hand-bag security. This was the longest. People were already angry when we arrived, and 5 minutes later the line behind us was twice as long as before us. People asked the security guards why they don’t open another stands if they see the crowd. The PC answer was “I’m sorry I can’t help you right now”. Some people with small children offered us to let us go before them, but there was nowhere to go. A couple of minutes later they opened a new stand, and we could sneak in there.

The next line was for the passport control. Usually we skip this line because we have an electric passport card that enables us to leave and enter the country through Ben Gurion airport via a fingerprint check. But this time we had to go in the normal line with Alma.

In the duty free shop we bought a 8GB memory card for the camera, so we can make some videos as well.

We didn’t have much time left to wait and fortunately they called for the elders and toddlers to get in the plane first. This was the only line where we got through fast because of Alma.

During takeoff and touchdown Alma had to be in our hands, but during the flight they “built” her a cradle and luckily she was sleeping all the time.

When we arrived to Budapest we saw above one of the assembly lines that the bags from the Tel Aviv flight should arrive there. The only problem was that the assembly line wasn’t assembled, there was a 1m hole in the middle, so we were pretty sure it won’t ever move. And we were right, after waiting for half an hour the bags started to come on another assembly line.

Dad and Anna were waiting for us despite the late hour in the middle of the night because of all the delays and they took us to Juti. We arrived there at around 3:30.

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