In the past 3 days we had 2 punctures. 3 days ago when i arrived home at night, I saw that Israel, our neighbour is changing tire on our car. He saw that we had a flat tire and told Hila to change it, and even helped her. There was a screw in it. I sad half jokingly: someone takes a revenge on us.

In the morning we didn’t have time to take the bad tire to fix, because we were late. The next day we were also a bit late, but Hila insisted to fix it in the morning: “what if it happens again?” So they stopped the hole and put the old tire back on the car.

Yesterday afternoon, when Hila wanted to pick up Alma from the kindergarden she saw in the parking lot that the other tire is flat. So she called me. I got there by the 1st train, and in the meantime she asked someone from her work to bring Alma to the office, and they waited for me there. I changed the tire (it’s quite quick when you do it every 2nd day :) and we went home.

Today we went to fix the tire. It seems that it was a very strange coincident, because there was no nail or hole in the tire. The air run away at the joint between the steel and the rubber. Hopefully we won’t have any more issues in the next couple of years!

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