Interviews, dates, rock & roll

In the last period I didn’t really write, so well, I don’t know where to start actually. In the past year I worked at, 2 months ago an american investor bought us, and last week they layed off 70% of the employees. On the same night I edited my resume, added the experience I got last year, and was thinking, maybe it’s better to go through it with Hila, so I won’t have any grammar mistakes. But then I discovered that the HR of a company (I never heared of) turned to me some time ago in LinkedIn. I got some email probably, but I didn’t care, ’cause I had the best job ever in Answers, and I didn’t think to change. After some minutes of hesitating I said: yalla, I have to start somehow, let’s send the resume. So I did. Then I sent it to Hila and some close friends for “censura”, and went to bed.

The next day Hila sent the CV to some friends of her, and minutes later a young COO and Co-founder of a start-up called me. He said he would really like to think of a way to work with me, although he doesn’t have a full-time opening now, only in two months, but as he sees my CV, he doesn’t think I’ll be available for more than 2 weeks. At the end he asked me if I mind if he sends mt resume to the headhunter company he usually works with. I agreed.

More or less from that moment my phone rang constantly for 5 (not including shabat) days. I already had an interview booked for that afternoon. Someone called me and asked if I can come NOW. I said… well, I don’t have much time, but why not, so I had a short interview, then I went to the other place. On the way I had my phone literally ringing without a break, when I finished a call, I called back the 1st unanswered number in the phone, and others called even during that call… After all the interviews I asked out Hila and Alma for a date to the local restaurant (I still had to use my pesach food card, before the end of the month).

The market seems to be very strong, and it seems that a good enough programmer can afford to choose from numerous offers. It kind of reminds me the old good single days, when I had periods with dates after dates. It’s like a rat race, easy to enter, but hard to stop. Every time the phone rings you hear about a new company, some of them sound interesting, some are small, some are bigger, some are young, some have a couple of years behind them, but there’s always a NEXT one. Emotional decisions are not my strong side anyway, and when you have so many good options, it doesn’t make it easier at all. But “hakol letova” (everything happens for a good reason)…

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