1st impressions at Conduit

Gavriel Fleischer Software EngineerI started working yesterday. It’s nice, but there are some things and people that I miss. For example I got a very nice welcome pack, with explanations, a huge can of chocolates (the others in the room like it too, and today I understood why they employ new people every week :) and a pack of business cards with my name.

We eat together 4 days (everyone orders through 10bis.co.il) and we eat together in a huge restaurant-room on the 4th floor. But because there are so many people (250) most people seem not to know each other, so they mostly sit with those they already know :( I hope they’ll have some “gibush” soon! And we also have some breakfast candies, cakes, bread, etc every morning at 9:00 in every floor’s small kitchen.

In my room (currently 6 people, because this is a new team, and we’re waiting for September, when we’ll all move to a new floor with more space) there are relatively “geeky” people: they told me they have a tradition that every new member has to bring a bottle of whiskey (and then the other guy added: and on birthdays too :) They gave me 1 month, so I can get something cool from the duty free at the end of August… So I guess the emails will go like “whiskey in the jar” (this reminds me the maple syrup we got for our room last year :) Ah, and they listen to good songs :)

Ah and BTW I was supposed to start to work on Sunday, but I delayed it because of a wedding (and later also the Answers party). I heard that people were in the party until 1am. Well it turned out that my new team was working ’till 12:30 am on that day night… But they say it’s not usual :)

On the 1st day they gave me some task to do. It sounded like something to learn some API-s. When I finished they called the others, and looked at it: he did it! It turned out that it was a proof of concept that they’ll show to the CEO :)

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  1. Sounds fantastic except for the 12:30 part. But then again, I’d rather a 12:30 once in a blue moon to leaving work everyday after 8!

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