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How to install IE7

A short story from tonight:

I was installing virtual machines: IE6, IE7, IE8.
In order to install IE7 you have to download it manually (not with Windows Update). So I searched for “windows xp install ie7” in my Chrome.
Google’s 1st result was a link to microsoft.com, where you can download IE7. Cool, isn’t it?

Now I went to the windows with IE6, and in IE6 I searched for “windows xp install ie7”. It went to bing, that gave a full page of irrelevant results…. Sad, isn’t?

So I went to google.com in IE6, then I got the link and I clicked on Download. It wants to make you download 3 other things, then 1 more. The only problem is that you can’t continue from here, because I don’t know to what browser they optimized the download page but you can’t see the bottom of it, there’s no scroll-bar, hitting Enter doesn’t make the download start.

I didn’t give up, and tried again several times.

It turned out that there is a way downloading IE7: when you refuse to download the additional programs, then the download starts…. Funny, ah?