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As usual, I’m a bit late with the announcement: I’ve started to work at Alicanto at the end of January. Quite a lot has been going on since, I think that after Answers.com I’ve found a place where I like to work again. We’re building a website and a system behind it that will help small businesses (unfortunately only in the US at the present) to take their gloves off and compete with any of the big ones. It sounds really interesting, but if I told you more I would have to kill you, so let’s get back to this later…

1st impressions at Conduit

Gavriel Fleischer Software EngineerI started working yesterday. It’s nice, but there are some things and people that I miss. For example I got a very nice welcome pack, with explanations, a huge can of chocolates (the others in the room like it too, and today I understood why they employ new people every week :) and a pack of business cards with my name. Continue reading

New job, new Answers

Well, in the past months I haven’t write to the blog. It doesn’t mean that there were no interesting things happening around us.

One of the news is that in the middle of April I started to work at Answers.com in Jerusalem. Last week we had a “Picture Day” outside the office, so you can go and find me on the images in our blog.