SEO Tag Cloud Widget


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SEO Tag Cloud Widget displays the tag cloud in a SEO-friendly way, using html markup.


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Upload `seo-tag-cloud.php` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Go to ‘Appearance’ or ‘Presentation’ or ‘Design’ menu
  5. Go to ‘Widgets’ menu
  6. Drag & Drop the SEO Tag Cloud Widget to the place you would like to display the tag cloud
  7. Optionally change the title


  • This is how the sidemenu will look:

89 thoughts on “SEO Tag Cloud Widget”

  1. Hi, Thanks for your work on the seo tag cloud plugin for wordpress. It looks great! I am completely new to website design and I was wondering how I can go about changing the width and height of the widget. I am using the ball format and I would like to decrease the area the widget covers. Thanks!

  2. I’ve noticed this widget isn’t offered anymore on wordpress,have you stopped support?
    because i’ve had to take it down from my site due to it glitching badly,real shame cause i liked it very much

  3. We’re using the SEO Tag Cloud Widget for my company’s blog. I’ve been able to format the text for the widget using our site’s main CSS page (not on WordPress). It looks fine on every browser except Chrome. I have some understanding of using browser-specific css pages, but I’m not not familiar with how this works with WordPress or WordPress Widgets. Is it possible to connect browser specific CSS pages to WordPress cloud-tag widgets? For the record, another designer and developer built this site but they are not available to help with this. Please let me know, thanks!

  4. Just updated the plugin…
    WOW… could the tag cloud be any uglier than it is with all the colors…

    I don’t like a plugin that doesn’t “fit” the color scheme of my site…
    Most people don’t…

    Off to find another tag cloud plugin that doesn’t have “colors” or at the very least allows me to select a default color…

    1. I can’t guess the colors that match each and every blog in the world… You can customize the colors of course. Read back here in the comments, you’ll see examples.

  5. I have installed plugin but i do not see having many colors as you are having. how have you added many colors ?

    1. You need to add something like this to your stylesheet:
      .seo-tag-cloud em em a {color:blue;}
      .seo-tag-cloud em em em em a {color:green;}
      .seo-tag-cloud em em em em em em a {color:red;}

      But for 1 to 10 “em”-s, each with a different color.

      Or you can try my new Randomize CSS plugin that integrates easily with SEO Tag Cloud.

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